Almost €1 million worth of mobile phones stolen in Malaga

Guadalhorce Industrial Estate

THIEVES broke into a warehouse in Malaga and stole an estimated €800,000 worth of mobile phones.

According to police an estimated 18,000 devices were loaded onto a lorry which sped out of the Guadalhorce industrial estate.

While inside the warehouse, the group destroyed CCTV cameras and took their time to steal the most valuable brands of mobile phone – Apple, Samsung, etc , the owners told news outlets.

This recent robbery comes as Malaga Town Hall approves plans to spend more than €280,000 to place 29, which will then be increased to 75, CCTV cameras in the main industrial estates precisely to prevent this kind of robbery.

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  1. cctv cameras do NOT prevent robberies. Whose idea was that?
    It even says in the report that the premises had their own cctv cameras. Didn’t prevent this robbery, did it?
    Spend the €280,000 for 29 cameras on something more beneficial to the city.
    WHAT? That is around €10,000 for each camera? ! ? Who ever authorised THAT payment?
    So, does that mean that a further €460,000 is going to be spent on the next 46 cameras?
    Little wonder that some people want to steal stuff.


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