City crackdown on tourist revellers in Mallorca

NEW BY-LAWS: Came into effect at the end of April.

Sex, drink and drug advertising have been banned in Palma under punitive new bylaws designed to clear up the city’s decadent summer scene.

Having sex in public places, including parks and beaches, can also now incur a substantial €3,000 fine.

The ban on public sex only applies in El Arenal, the city’s most popular party spot.

Sex is only generally banned in Spain when children are nearby but different municipalities are allowed to enforce their own laws on the matter.

Advertising restrictions will ban posters, t-shirts, or shop window fronts which promote sex, drugs and alcohol.Penalties for infringement range from €100-€300.

It is unclear whether the strict laws will be enforced on tourists wearing brand beer tshirts.

A ban on the infamous ‘botellon,’ parties involving large groups of youngsters drinking outside, will be enforced again this summer.

Last year police charged more than 1,100 people with breaking the ‘botellon’ ban during a heavily publicised crackdown.

This year it extends to any public consumption of alcohol around key nightlife areas.

Police are still smarting from public criticism over the large number of fights and public disturbances last summer.

The notorious ‘bikini law’ imposed several years ago will not be making a comeback but police will have enhanced powers to charge people with ‘indecency.’

The bikini law allowed police to stop people for not wearing tops in public but was since abandoned as an overreach of town hall powers.

All laws came into effect at the end of April and will now be enforced.

Police will also tackle ‘balconing’ the dangerous drinking craze that saw a spate of foreign tourists plunge to their deaths from hotel balconies across Mallorca.


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