Firebomb attack on Velez-Malaga church fails


THE latest in a spate of recent attacks on religious icons in Axarquia has sparked a public outcry.

A Molotov cocktail was launched at the Virgin de los Desamparados [Virgin of the Helpless] in the San Francisco church, Velez-Malaga, leaving investigators baffled as to the motive behind the strike.

The home-made incendiary failed to explode, although leaking petrol damaged “a good portion of the skirt and cloak worn by the virgin,” according to a shocked Francisco Ruiz, elder of the Huerto y los Desamparados brotherhood.

“The plinth has also been stained by petrol, but thanks to God that the image of the pain of Christ, which is in the same chapel, was not damaged,” he continued.

One of the priests on duty at the time of the attack heard a noise and as he entered the nave spotted a ‘young lad running away,’ although he was unable to confirm if the youth was responsible for the attack.


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