Gone but not forgotten as supposedly dead Hungarian returns to Spain

National Police
One of the stolen sports cars

ACCORDING to a press release from the National Police, a death certificate isn’t true if the deceased returns to steal cars.

As long ago as 2014 the National Police, working in collaboration with the Hungarian Police, were investigating a gang of 14 who were involved in stealing luxury cars in Madrid and Murcia which resulted in their leader being arrested.

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After being held in custody for several months, he ended up back in Hungary and in 2016, his lawyer presented the National Police with a death certificate attesting to the fact that he had died in Hungary and this was verified as being a genuine document by Hungarian authorities.

Officers in Spain were worried that this was a ruse and their fears were confirmed when the ‘deceased’ appeared in Valencia and took possession of a luxury boat using fake Romanian identification.

As investigations were re-opened, the officers discovered that he had gone on to obtain two sports cars in Madrid and Barcelona as well as a motorhome in Burgos and a rental car in Lloret de Mar before returning to Hungary.

Having been alerted to the fact that the man was not only alive but still obtaining vehicles using false identity, the Hungarian police eventually arrested him and two accomplices as well as recovering a number of cars stolen locally.


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