Thousands protest across Spain for improved working conditions

Some of the thousands that took to the streets in Malaga

THOUSANDS across Spain took to the street on Worker’s Day to protest for improved conditions.

The UGT and CCOO unions organised 73 protests all over the country demanding fairer wages, pensions and more social security.

Attendance figures in some areas varied widely, with unions claiming 50,000 marched in Barcelona, but authorities saying there were only 5,000 were on the streets.

Similarly in Malaga, 16,000 protesters were claimed to have demonstrated whereas authorities said figures were closer to 3,000.

The slogan ‘There is no excuse’ could be seen throughout Spain, and UGT’s general secretary, Pepe Alvarez, said “unions will not allow increased benefits to businesses reaching the 2008 levels without corresponding increases in wages.”

Many also took the opportunity to voice their outrage at the corruption allegations that seem to enshroud the government, blaming politicians for unemployment levels and poverty.

Unions want to negotiate a new wage deal as well as introduce a minimum wage that will help combat poverty according to CCOO leader, Ignacio Fernandez Toxo. 


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