Slight rise in Spanish unemployment

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Unemployment wall Zaragoza by Above

UNEMPLOYMENT in Spain rose during the first quarter of 2017 according to the Institute of National Statistics (INE).

To some extent this was expected as the major losses were in the private sector and many people had been employed on short-term contracts in the lead up to the busy Christmas and New Year periods.

There are now 4,255,000 people unemployed in the country which represents 18.75 per cent of the working population but the good news for Andalucia is that it currently has seen major employment growth during the last 12 months.

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The other good news is that over the last year, although temporary contracts have increased, there are also an additional 195,600 people in full-time employment.

The number of self-employed has dropped slightly but self-employed foreigner figures have remained basically static.

One figure that does deserve mention is that the majority of those newly unemployed are women which won’t be encouraging news for those looking to promote equality in the workplace although there is a slight easing in youth unemployment.


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