Boxer Anthony Joshua wins heavyweight title in front of record crowd

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The scene following the win

BRITISH boxer Anthony Joshua won a new world title, defeating veteran Wladimir Klitschko by a knock out in front of a record 90,000 Wembley crowd.

This was a match between two powerful men, but Joshua being the younger and much less experienced of the two was expected to take the fight to Klitschko early as he had never been past the seventh round of any professional fight.

He certainly did that and knocked the Ukrainian down to the canvas in the fifth round but this only seemed to inject energy into the older man who fought back and in turn put Joshua down in the sixth round but both men although tiring seemed able to recover quickly.


Klitschko appeared to be rallying in the latter rounds but Joshua found his second wind and after a vicious uppercut almost knocked his opponent out in the eleventh round, he continued to attack the Ukrainian and the referee had no option but to stop the fight and award Joshua the WBA world heavyweight belt to join his existing IBF title.

With 19 wins out of 19 fights and defeating such a wily former champion, Joshua who had nothing but praise for his older opponent appears ready to take control of the world heavyweight stage.

Klitschko was gracious in defeat, admitting that the best man had won and said “two gentlemen fought each other and he was better today than I.”

Immediately after the fight, American Deontay Wilder, holder of the WBC heavyweight title tweeted that he wanted to fight Joshua as did former champion, the controversial British boxer Tyson Fury.


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