European leaders approve negotiating strategy over Brexit

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Donald Tusk at the opening of the EU meeting

EUROPEAN COUNCIL President Donald Tusk wrote to the heads of the 27 states meeting in Brussels to discuss Brexit on terms on April 29.

In this letter delivered prior to the physical meeting, he made it clear that three matters in particular had to be agreed with Britain prior to negotiations over future relationships with the UK and these were “people, money and Ireland.”

He expects to see guarantees over the safeguarding of the rights of EU citizens in the UK, an agreement from Britain to honour long term financial obligations which may amount to €60 billion and the rights of movement between the Republic and Northern Ireland.

It took minutes for the leaders to confirm their agreement to the negotiating guidelines issued by Mr Tusk on March 31 and he tweeted after the event that a “firm and fair political mandate” for the talks had been agreed.

All will now remain quiet from a negotiation standpoint until the results of the UK General Election are known and a ‘new’ government is in place.


  1. I guess this must be a record for the EU Council and the 27 EU countries actually coming to a decision, they can’t even come to an agreement on the name of a corridor in one of their buildings after several hours and yet this is sorted in minutes. lol


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