Podemos seeks to censor Spain’s Prime Minister

Pablo Iglesias announcing his plans during a press conference

UNIDOS PODEMOS has put forward plans to call a motion to censor Spain’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy.

The announcement comes after another wave of corruption allegations involving members of the Partido Popular (PP) have arisen.

Podemos’ leader, Pablo Iglesias, said the country is being “constantly robbed” by the PP and he believes they are controlling the justice system to get away with it.

The motion would force a change of leadership for Spain, but requires the backing of at least 176 MPs and an alternative candidate to replace the current prime minister.

In order for Iglesias’ motion to succeed, he would need the full support of PSOE and another 20 MPs.

This is no small task, as PSOE currently does not have a candidate to present, and is unlikely to back someone outside of the party.

Iglesias said he has called meetings with the various opposition parties to reach an agreement on the terms of the censor.

Ciudadanos has announced they would vote against the motion, standing with their coalition partner. 


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