I’d like to be a fly on her wall!

EARLY ELECTION: Caught just about everyone on the hop.

WELL, not many of us saw that coming.

Theresa May’s announcement of an early election caught just about everyone on the hop. Not least the SNP’s pincer mouthed pain in the butt Nicola Sturgeon.

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I’d like to be a fly on her bedroom wall. Instead of waking up every morning screaming ‘freedom,’ she now actually has to think of other benefits and policies her tunnel vision party can produce for her Scottish contituents.

Corbyn couldn’t wait to jump up on his wobbly, geriatric soap box. Not having time to liaise with his speech writers, he proceeded to spout rhetoric which is so archaic he has undoubtedly blown the cobwebs off diatribes he wrote and delivered as a Hammer and Sickle inspired student decades ago.

This Dinosaur throwback will never be happy until the Red Flag flutters atop parliament and he and his cronies travel to work in special ‘party member’ transport lanes, while his supporters all line the route wearing those silly brown Mao hats.

UKIP’s initial gambit has been predictably unpredictable, announcing its manifesto will include the banishment of the Burka in public places ( don’t forget millions scorned their announcement of their Brexit intentions!)

And finally, despite their denials, the Lib Dems are hoping once again to scrape into power on the coattails of… well, just about anyone.

The only thing the Conservatives have to worry about is complacency. Nothing in this world is a foregone conclusion.

Let’s hope the weight of turnout reflects this attitude across the nation. Meanwhile, over the Channel, the fiery right wing challenger Le Penn continues to gain popularity.

If she is successful, be prepared for a ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’ ‘Frexit’ and the subsequent ‘Dominexit’ effect I forecast some time ago.

Well this week has been quite an eventful occasion for me personally. At one mixed emotional point, I found myself driving my twins, now approaching 17, to their first job interview.

As a single parent for the past five years or so, it has been a long old haul and not always easy to achieve my avowed intent to make up, both physically and emotionally, for the lack of a Mum in our household.

However with prayers and a little help from friends along the way, they are now just about ready to venture into those great areas of adult uncertainty.

No one could be more proud of them than I, they are a true credit to their old Dad and I wish them a positive deluge of love and luck in their future endeavors.

Having been circumstantially forced to become a bit of a reclusive homebody over the last few years, I now find myself with a little more time on my hands.

So look out all you socialites, the old Leaper is back!

My eldest Granddaughter has also informed me that in six months I will become a GREAT!

Love, peace and congrats all around.

Funny old life ennit?

Keep the faith Love Leapy



  1. Dear Leapy, your latest colourful tirade against Scotland’s First Minister is emotional, not rational. It merely underlines how little you actually know about the situation. You ignore the major fact that Nicola Sturgeon is attempting to defend her country from Theresa May’s Brexit using the only method that has been left available to her by Mrs May. Over the past 10 months, May has rejected all of Sturgeon’s perfectly sensible suggestions for a compromise. You would be better off criticising Mrs May who has contributed nothing. She is doing a great impersonation of a brick wall. Maybe you like that idea of course!

    Somehow I seem to have to keep repeating the fact that Scotland’s people voted by 62% to Remain in the EU against only 38% who voted for Brexit – a huge majority for Remain. In contrast, the vote for Brexit in the UK as a whole was a slim 2% above 50/50! Yet, many English voters are still unaware just how different things are north of the border.

    Mrs May’s ‘dialogue of the deaf’ approach is deeply undemocratic and disrespectful towards Scotland’s voters. It simply encourages even greater resentment, which in turn can only serve to drive Scotland further and further away from an England that is seemingly Hell-bent on a hard Brexit pulling Scotland along with it. If May genuinely wants to retain Scotland’s 300 year old Union with England, she needs to show more respect for the people of Scotland. And so, my dear Leapy, do you!

  2. OMG, still we have to listen to ppl who rabbit on about this vile woman, she hasn’t got a clue! She has lost votes and she is trying to destroy Scotland and the UK for her own agenda… and there are still idiots with their heads up their a*** that think she is great while still ranting on about the referendum that they clearly don’t understand was about… it wasn’t about Scotland!


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