Another drug gang dismantled in Spain

National Police
Guns and ammunition found

A MAJOR drug gang run by a man known as ‘Canela’ has been broken up in Barbate through a combined police operation.

The Guardia Civil and National Police shared information resulting in the arrest of 12 people, the seizure of 1,900 kilogrammes of hashish, 11 cars, a stolen quad bike and a RHIB speedboat.

It was known that the leader of the gang had spent some considerable time visiting Algeciras, Ceuta and Morocco and it was suspected that he was arranging for regular shipments of hashish to be delivered to Spain.

Early in the investigation, officers had seized 1,650 kilos of the drug in the River Canchon and the gang was anxious to replace the drugs that it had lost as it had buyers who were known to be Dutch citizens of Moroccan origin.

The Guardia Civil Maritime Section then stopped a high powered speed boat of the coast of El Palmar in Cadiz Province and detained three Moroccans and found the 1,900 kilos of hashish on board.

Following this, a number of raids were made on properties in Barbate, Ceuta, Estepona, Guadiaro, Segurilla and Vejer and in the leader of the gang’s house found two illicit firearms along with cash and documents together with illegal hunting trophies which may be subject to separate charges.


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