Three dead climbers discovered in the Picos de Europa

Guardia Civil
One of the officers involved

THE bodies of three climbers have been found in the Picos de Europa in Cantabria and bad weather is hampering their removal.

When it was realised that the three climbers aged 46, 21 and 19 had not contacted their families by April 24 and their vehicle was discovered unattended, the Rescue and Mountain Intervention Group (GREIM) of the Guardia Civil was asked to investigate.

Weather was so bad that it was impossible to use helicopters and 10 officers travelled overland in the area which it was thought that the climbers might have reached.


On April 25 despite fog, rain and snow, the officers discovered the three bodies, still roped together but with no indication as to the cause of their deaths.

By the following day, the weather was still too bad to allow helicopters to travel to the site of the death to evacuate the bodies and it is possible that unless conditions improve that the bodies will have to be carried down the mountain.


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