Former foreign minister predicts Gibraltar could become Spanish in four years

Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo

SPAIN’S former foreign minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo predicts Gibraltar could become Spanish in four years.

Margallo explained if Spain makes the most of Brexit negotiations to achieve shared sovereignty of Gibraltar “in four years’ time it will be ours.”

He also acknowledged it would take a great deal of “convincing” to get the UK on board but this could be done during bilateral negotiations.

“We must get the UK to help us seduce the Gibraltarian people, and show that Spain and the EU is a good option whilst leaving is not.”


  1. Do the Spanish actually have a valid claim to Gibraltar? Google: ”Gibraltar – Some Relevant International Law” for some interesting facts.

  2. Is it any wonder Spain is in the dumps with this example that shows the lack of intelligence of one of it’s elite!

    God help Spain 🙂

  3. Spain and the rest of the EU need to start paying their proper contributions to NATO before any discussions can start. As an opening agenda, perhaps they would like to discuss with Morocco about handing over Melilla and Ceuto!

  4. He makes some good points. Maybe the Gibraltar people will see some advantages in staying and and not be as bigger saps as many in the UK are.

  5. Many people believe that Spain is on the verge of bankruptcy,and they also believe that Spain owes a considerable amount of money to the EU. If that is actually the case,perhaps the minister is trying to promote a feeling of optimism in the Spanish people. Or ,perhaps, he is hoping that Gibraltar will bail Spain out……………He is certainly toeing the government line,perhaps trying to make his own job a little more secure ?

  6. To Saya Sendiri – I agree entirely with you, and to Peter – the bigger sap is you, along with all the other remoaners whocannot see how awful the EU is for everybody not only the UK.

  7. Instead of focussing on trying to get Gibraltar into Spanish hands maybe Mr Margallo should focus on sorting out his own challenges in Spain first.
    Why not try reducing the highest unemployment in Europe and the crazy outdated labour processes?
    There are areas 100x the size of Gibraltar that are already in Spainish territory that need serious help first.


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