Car thieves try to run down Guardia Civil officers

Guardia Civil
The fake gun

TWO men have been arrested in Sevilla after trying to run down Guardia Civil officers with stolen cars.

The pair aged 29 and 33, who were well-known to the authorities, were spotted on the A-92N in cars which carried false number plates and after driving in an erratic manner tried to run down officers on foot who had to take prompt action to evade them.

After a few kilometres, the fleeing cars were forced to stop and the two men were arrested and the cars searched.

Officers found the original number plates of one of the cars which had been stolen from Huelva two years earlier as well as a pistol, handcuffs, fake Guardia Civil identification, a club, a revolving blue light and radio transmitters.

It is assumed that the two criminals had intended to impersonate Guardia Civil officers and will be charged with assault against those chasing them, theft of vehicles and possession of false documents.


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