Sons live with the body of their mother for one month before authorities informed


POLICE have found the body of a woman that had been there for a month despite the fact that her two sons were present.

The 77-year-old was found covered by bed sheets, with windows open and air fresheners to mask the smell.

An autopsy revealed the woman had died at least a month before she was found by authorities.


Emergency services were alerted when another son came to visit while his brothers were out and discovered the corpse.

According to news outlets, the body was in advanced stages of decomposition and showed possible signs of mistreatment prior to death.

The mother of five suffered from Alzheimer’s and needed full-time care, which one of the son’s partners was believed to be doing.

Neighbours in the La Paz district said the partner was “often seen with her on the street.

“She always treated her well and was very kind.”

An investigation was launched to determine why family members did not report her death, and her supposed carer told police she was “very close with her and I didn’t want to be separated.

“No one understands, but that is how I felt,” she said, adding that she felt more like her daughter than carer.



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