Fleeing burglar arrested after attempting to run over Guardia Civil in Mijas


A MAN has been arrested in connection with two burglaries in Mijas after he attempted to run over two Guardia Civil officers.

The 43-year-old allegedly stole money and credit cards from two properties which he subsequently used to purchase various items.

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Several days later police tracked him down to a house in Mijas, where he stayed illegally, and upon attempting to question the suspect, were led on a high-speed chase.

The man, known by his initials EPG, caused two accidents while attempting to escape as he drove the wrong way up several roads, and also aimed for officers who tried to stop him. Fortunately no one was harmed.

Following his arrest authorities believe he was operating with another person who is known to the police.

EPG faces charges of burglary, fraud, property damage, attempted GBH of officers on duty and reckless driving.


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