Lorry hijackers arrested by Guardia Civil

Guardia Civil
Just some of the stolen appliances

STOLEN goods to the value of €250,000 have been recovered in a Guardia Civil operation in a number of Spanish cities.

The investigation first started in Cuenca where four heavy lorries and their goods were stolen and it became apparent that this was part of a planned operation which targeted loaded and parked up lorries mainly at weekends.

Members of the gang broke into warehouse lorry parks and after deactivating tracking devices drove off and left the contents with other members of the gang and third parties to sell as either new or second hand goods.


They mainly stole domestic appliances although in three operations where 22 people were arrested, other saleable items including wine, footwear, perfume, furniture and car parts were discovered.

The thefts occurred in Cuenca, Castellon, Madrid, Ciudad Real and Zaragoza and in all cases, the stolen lorries were dumped in industrial parks after they were emptied.


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