Romanian gang who targeted foreign cars in Spain broken up

Guardia Civil
Some of the recovered bank notes

OFFICERS of the Guardia Civil have arrested eight people believed to have been involved in theft from cars at service stations.

Noting that there had been an increase in the number of reports of theft from people driving foreign registered cars which were parked in service areas on the A7 between Valencia and Alicante, officers started a major investigation.

They identified a number of individuals who appeared to be targeting mainly elderly drivers in foreign cars where one would approach the occupants of the car asking for information whilst another would steal from the car, using violence if necessary.

In other cases, they broke car windows whilst occupants were asleep and stole bags and other valuables although in one case, they robbed the same woman travelling with a child twice within half an hour.

During the arrests, officers raided three properties removing large amounts of cash in euros, pounds and dirhams together with 11 stolen luxury vehicles, 25 watches, bags, suitcases, jewellery, sunglasses and mobile phones.

The eight arrested were Romanians and have been charged with belonging to a criminal organisation, robbery with force, robbery with violence, theft and false documents.


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