Marbella’s lost generation

OUR CHILDREN: Are searching for the ‘good life.’

MARBELLA has some amazing international schools, which has made it the ideal place for families of all nationalities to come and settle here.

We are also lucky to have a town hall that welcomes us and does its best to cater to our international community as well as their everyday commitments.

However there are some things that only really affect us expats so we need to address them ourselves.


Keeping our teens entertained and safe is one of them and a common concern within our community.

There is a whole generation of expat kids that we’re letting down; a ‘lost’ generation.

Expat kids from the ages of 13 to 18 who are no longer appeased with making sandcastles or jumping on bouncy ones.

Although our community has blossomed over the past 40 years and there is so much going on, there is still relatively little for our resident kids to do after school and sports, particularly out of season.

So little in fact that they end up hanging out in unsuitable places for their age because they don’t have anywhere else to go and because, without realising it, we’re pointing them in that direction.

If you think about it, almost all our English language magazines are made up of adverts promoting ‘the good life,’ the bars, restaurants, clubs, DJs, beach parties, make-up, fashion, fun.

This image is perfect to attract tourists and to keep us entertained but it’s no wonder that the children growing up here can get a little caught up in what seems to be ‘the thing to do.’

If we want them to aspire to more we have to give them more. We brought them here so it is up to us.

Obviously we need to come up with some alternatives and make them happen, which is exactly why this is one of the central themes of our second United Nationalities Marbella Summit on Tuesday April 25.

We’ve already received some great ideas but we’d love to hear yours so please join us on April 25 at the UNMS2017, because we are #BetterTogether.

The event is free, all you need to do is register, which is quick and simple from the following website: – see you there!!


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