Fraudster arrested in joint operation between Mexican and Spanish police

National Police
Arrest of Javier Soria in Cabrils

WORKING with Interpol in Mexico and Spain, the National Police have arrested a Mexican citizen said to have been involved in major corruption.

Javier Nava Soria was allegedly the main collaborator of former governor of Veracruz in Mexico Javier Duarte who was recently arrested in Guatemala at the request of the Mexican authorities.

It is alleged that both men were involved in the creation of ‘ghost companies’ which were paid large amounts of public money between 2012 and 2015. Funds obtained in this manner were then used to purchase property in Mexico and overseas.

Once the presence of Soria was detected in Spain, the Mexican authorities asked the Spanish to find his whereabouts and to execute an International Detention Order so that he could be extradited to Mexico to face charges which carry a 20-year prison sentence.

Officers from Mexico flew to Spain and, working with their opposite numbers in the National Police, found that Soria was staying in a hotel in Cabrils, Barcelona and proceeded to arrest him.


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