Olympic hero saves life of drowning woman

SuarezOtero26 Wikimedia
Oscar Graña on the left in green

OLYMPIC canoeist and National Police officer Oscar Graña saved the life of a woman whilst training in Pontevedra.

Whilst in his canoe in the local estuary, he saw a figure in the water who appeared to be gesticulating and sinking so he dived in and using a standard towing technique pulled her to safety.

When they reached the shore of the Lerez River, the officer could see that the 61-year-old woman was having difficulty breathing and after performing resuscitation procedures placed her into a recovery position so that she could cough up the water she had swallowed.

He continued to minister to her until paramedics arrived and she was transferred to a local hospital for rest and recuperation.

This is the second time that the officer has saved the life of a drowning woman whilst training, the last time being in 2015.



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