France and Turkey are both under the European magnifying glass

NdFrayssinet Wikimedia
Marine Le Pen singing la Marseillaise

THE focus of the European Union moved away from Britain and Brexit for a few days to consider France and Turkey.

The French Presidential election is now moving forward with the front runners being the Nationalist Marine Le Pen and the Centrist Emmanuel Macron.

The other nine candidates are likely to be dropped before a showdown between the two front runners if opinion polls are to be believed and in the event that Ms Le Pen is elected she has promised to stop all immigration to France until a new way of controlling it can be introduced.

In the meantime, the Turkish referendum has seen a narrow majority in favour of turning Turkey into a presidential republic and seeing incumbent Erdogan in power until 2029.

As the ‘threat’ of Turkey joining the European Union appears to drift away with this latest news, many who were worried about the possibility of thousands of Turks sweeping across Europe will be more comfortable.


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