Spanish police dismantle ´largest´ international child pornography network

DARK SIDE OF TECHNOLOGY: this is the first operation against online paedophilia of its kind

THE National Police has dismantled a major international network responsible for the distribution of child pornography, with 90 arrests.

In a pioneering operation carried out by the Technological Research Unit of the force, and coordinated by Europol and Interpol, authorities found that messaging service WhatsApp was being used to share the indecent images.

During the investigation, almost 100 message chains and groups were discovered, created and used by people from 18 countries across Europe, Central America and South America, all with an exclusively paedophilic theme.

According to the Spanish Home Office, this is the first international action against child pornography in the European Union, and has been coordinated in conjunction with the Action Group Against Cybercrime in The Hague. 


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