Protest in Almeria to save more than 60 dogs

Huercal-Overa Credit: Wikimedia

A protest is going to be held on Wednesday (April 19) in the Huercal-Overa area to try and save the lives of more than 60 dogs that allegedly are being kept in appalling conditions.

The fighting dogs are being kept together in one room with no windows and are left to fight, breed and ultimately die.

The owner of the dogs is known to rent the dogs for either breeding or fighting purposes, and has threatened neighbours who complained about the noise in the past.


One resident’s pets were killed after she attempted to get footage of the dogs living conditions, while others have moved away from the area.

Live pigs have also allegedly been thrown in as food for the canines.


A picture of some of the injuries one of the dogs sustained in a fight. The dog was original white.

The organiser of the march, Kerry Matthews, has reported the conditions to authorities, who have refused to act, despite the fact laws are being broken.

Matthews runs a dog rescue called Half Way Home, in Antas, and always stands for animal rights.

The protest’s aim is to force authorities to deal with the situation and ultimately achieve a better quality of life for the animals.

Anyone in the Huercal-Overa area is urged to join the protest which starts at 11 am at the Lidl car park, and will then lead to the house where the dogs are kept.


  1. This is so terrible I do hope these poor dogs can be rescued if I did not live in UK I would definitely support the protestors. Keeping everything ?

  2. Living in rural Brasil, this would almost be common….BUT IN SPAIN – A First World, Civilized Country that I plan to move to with my wife…..animals ARE OUR Responsibility, since they can´t advocate for themselves….Authorities refusing to act????? Absurd, time for DIFFERENT competent authorities !!

  3. I live in Spain been here 12 years the way they treat the animals here is appalling to say the least. They treat them as ITS not living breathing feeling animals. THE Authorities are to blame as they are as bad they don’t see anything wrong in letting the animals suffer like they do. The laws are there but are not acted on. Spain is judged by how they treat the animals and at the moment quite frankly it stinks. For gods sake the laws are there for a reason. We must stand together and make them listen the law is on our side now we just have to make them used for what they were meant to be used for and STOP the suffering of the animals and stop it now. Good luck with the protest I hope the people in authority take heed and look at the terrible way these animals are being kept. This makes my blood boil. FOR GODS SAKE AUTHORITIES USE THE POWER YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN!!!!!!

  4. These dogs are not kept or rented out for fighting they are used for hunting wild boar. He crosses Dogo Argentina With Podencos camponero for aggressiveness against the boar and they are rented out for boar hunting

  5. Kerry ann Mathews AKA Ann Judd uses dog rescue and protests etc to cover her real intentions she defrauds people of money ie sold a vulnerable old lady’s caravan for her and kept the money. In addition dogs have been killed and badly injured in her rescue because she mixes aggressive dogs with other much more timid dogs her yards are normally filthy and she spends little time supervising the dogs. Appeals for funds and uses for herself her rescue halfway dog rescue and rehabilitation should be avoided and indeed the authoroties should have a good look at her non resident been here yeaars works with no contract defrauding Spain. Her cruelty storeis in the main are fabricated to suit her needs


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