Four extreme right Twitter users arrested by National Police in Spain

Photo: Policia Nacional

NATIONAL POLICE in Spain have arrested four Twitter users who encouraged action against the president of an association against racism. Those detained had urged ‘netizens’ to make a bid in an auction to ‘hunt’ him down.

The extreme right detainees – all of Nazi ideology – posted numerous xenophobic comments and threatening images on the social network that made the victim fear for his life.

The investigation began when the president of a non-profit and anti-racist association alerted the National Police through their Twitter account @policia.

Officers who specialise in technological crimes tracked hundreds of connections and analysed numerous profiles across several social networks to identify the authors.

Once identified, the police detained three people in Madrid – aged 18, 20 and 26 years-old – and a fourth, a minor, in Malaga.

The police offer the following advice…

If a person is hostile to another because of their race, sexual orientation and identity, religion, beliefs or disability, they have committed a hate crime.

If you are a victim of a hate crime, #denúncialo

Do not delete the messages received in your social media profiles, your email or on your mobile phone.


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