Man stabbed to death in front of his 10-year-old son

GRAN CANARIA: the picturesque setting for a brutal murder

A FATHER was allegedly murdered in the presence of his 10-year-old son last night as they used a pedestrian crossing in Las Palmas.

According to various eye witnesses, the victim was approached by a man, possibly in his 40’s, who stabbed him in the middle of the street.

He walked forwards for several metres, clutching the wound in his stomach, before collapsing to the ground, his intestines spilling out according to witnesses.

The attacker, a Cuban businessman who had been served with a restraining order by the victim earlier in the day, fled the scene. He did not get far before he was arrested and detained.

Emergency services tried to revive the victim, but were unable to save him, and he was declared dead at 10.10pm.

The young boy is receiving psychological counselling after witnessing his father’s murder. 



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