WATCH: Stampede during ‘El Cautivo’ procession in Malaga leaves two injured


A STAMPEDE during an ‘El Cautivo’ procession in Malaga has left two people injured.

The march descended into chaos after rumours of gunfire and explosions caused panicked spectators to charge down the streets of Malaga.

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A fight that broke out towards the back of the procession is believed to be the initial cause of the confusion.

The Security councillor for Malaga, Mario Cortes, told news outlets people “gave in to hysteria, due to the times we live in and were misled by unfortunate rumours.”

The ‘El Cautivo’ procession is one of the biggest events during Holy Week in Malaga, where a statue of Jesus is carried through the streets, followed by a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Ignacio Castillo, head of the Brotherhood of El Cautivo, said in future “we either change the schedule for El Cautivo or disband the procession.”

A video shows people running from the procession over the Puente de la Aurora Bridge. 

Another appears to capture the moment the panic began.


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