Gang of car thieves arrested in Madrid area

One of the garages raided

WORKING together in the area of Madrid, Guardia Civil and National Police officers have arrested 22 people involved in the theft of cars.

Investigations undertaken following the theft of two expensive vehicles in October of last year led officers to the discovery that there was a large group involved in stealing cars and then taking them apart to sell for parts or to produce ‘cloned’ vehicles.

So profitable was this business that the leader of the group had to set up a fake company which even insured non-existent vehicles in order to justify the large amounts of money going through the business.

Officers raided nine properties and discovered vast amounts of ‘chopped’ vehicle parts, 64 vehicles, master keys, mechanics tools, a shotgun, documents and money.

In all, 20 men and two women of Iranian, Peruvian, Spanish and Venezuelan nationality were arrested and all will be charged with robbery with force, fraud, public document forgery, receiving, money laundering and illicit possession of weapons.


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