French and Portuguese police to patrol Holy Week on Costa del Sol


FRENCH and Portugese Police will work with the Spanish National Police during Holy Week on the Costa del Sol from Sunday April 9 – Saturday April 15 in order to provide extra protection and guidance to tourists.

As part of the ‘European police stations’ project under the European Union’s Prüm convention, this will be reciprocated, with 31 Spanish Police officers being transferred to various French and Portugese Police stations to assists Spanish tourists between April and September.

The objective of this scheme is to offer the tourist a better service, with police who speak their language and are aware of the laws of both countries, while strengthening cross-border security.


The initiative also involves other European countries including Italy, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. 

The Prüm Convention is a treaty which was signed in May 2005 by Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain in the town of Prüm in Germany. It is open to all members of the European Union; 14 of which are currently members. The treaty is based on a 2003 initiative by then German Minister Otto Schily.


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