Boozy Brits’ car rampage at Costa Blanca nightclub

The pair had even switched seats to try and throw the police off their scent.

TWO boozy Brits were arrested after allegedly trying to mow down bouncers and partygoers after they were kicked out of a Costa Blanca nightclub.

They were captured by Guardia Civil officers following an early hour manhunt in Torrevieja as dawn broke on Sunday April 9.

Dozens of terrified witnesses saw the men, yet to be named, drive recklessly towards the security enclosure of Velice Discoteca, near the industrial estate.


They mounted the pavement, almost killing vulnerable clubbers, before racing away from the scene.

Fortunately no one is believed to have sustained injuries, though possible victims may still come forward to testify.

Clubbers frantically called police to make sure that the Brits didn’t escape. Soon both Guardia Civil and Local Police units had been scrambled across Torrevieja to hunt for the suspects.

When the car was later pulled over by Guardia Civil officers, the driver was found to be almost four times over the legal limit in a breathalyser test, clocking 0.95 milligrams per litre.  

The pair had even switched seats to try and throw the police off their scent, but the sober Spanish officers were nobody’s fool.

What exactly happened in the nightclub to spark the dramatic scenes is still unclear but the Brits are understood to have been furious about getting thrown out.

They have appeared before a Spanish court and more details on the men, including whether they are expats or tourists, are expected soon.

What specific charges they will face is also unknown but lengthy prison sentences can be expected, especially if it is proven that they deliberately targeted security staff.

A popular nightclub with some of the Costa Blanca’s best DJs, Velice is a new club with a huge capacity, making it a minor miracle that nobody was killed or injured. 


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