Spanish-based US Navy destroyers launched missile strike on Syria

US Dept. of Defense Twitter
Launch of one of the Tomahawk missiles

US  NAVY destroyers Ross and Porter, deployed to Rota, Spain  were the ships that launched the 59 Tomahawk  missiles against the Shayrat airfield in Syria.

American forces bombed the Syrian air base as a warning against the use of chemical weapons where it is suspected that Syrian government aircraft took off for the rebel town of Khan Sheikhoun loaded with banned nerve agent Sarin.

In a message Admiral Michelle Howard, head of US Navy forces in Europe, said: “I just want to say that the commanding officers of both those ships performed magnificently, along with their crews.”

“The integration of the operations cells and all of the teams supporting from the planning to the execution was just flawless. It’s an example of the strength of the United States Navy and our ability to project power around the globe.”

The ships – along with the Donald Cook and Carney –  were originally sent to Spain as part of the Navy’s ballistic missile defence system in 2014.

The Mediterranean-based ships are regularly shadowed by  the Russian fleet  as tensions  have increased in Syria.


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