Yawning yachtsman drifts 100 miles from Marbella to Cadiz

FROM MARBELLA WITH LOVE: the man travelled 100 miles down the coast

A BRITISH sailor who fell asleep in Marbella woke up stranded 100 miles away on Thursday morning (April 6).

The 65-year-old was rescued after his yacht ran aground on rocks next to San Sebastian Castle just off Cadiz city.

Having fallen asleep on the boat when it was still docked in Marbella, the man awoke to discover that the tide and strong winds had dragged him through the strait of Gibraltar as he continued to sleep inside.

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Upon awaking, the man panicked and began to sound the boat´s siren. According to the police, council workers cleaning on the beach noticed the boat in distress and contacted the emergency services who sent out a rescue party.

The sailor was brought ashore by local fire-fighters and Maritime Rescue, and when asked if he wanted to go to hospital, answered that he only wanted to find a hotel where he could rest.

As for his vessel, the coastguard had to wait for the tide to rise before they could determine extent of the damage. 

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