Oak Land Furniture Spain: EWN Media Group outperforms all others


SINCE opening our first Spanish store in 2016, we have fully trialed and tested all media avenues to reach out to expats locally, extensively gauging not only sales but brand awareness to our operation.

Whilst there was a lot of hype from many in media over performance, our statistics clearly demonstrated that the EWN Media Group totally outperformed all others in producing sales and making the public aware that our brand and products had arrived in Spain.

Not only does the EWN family produce a title that delivers each and every week great foot flow to our San Pedro store, it also penetrates deeply across many Spanish regions ensuring our clients are aware of our full delivery service and the access of our Spanish  website.


Furthermore as the company’s advertising director, I have found the EWN fully accessible at all times and very helpful in planning with us our marketing adventures throughout Spain. They work not just as another newspaper title but as part of our team.

Operating global marketing as we continue to expand our portfolio, I can hand-on-heart state that the service, professionalism and most importantly return on investment has been the finest in Spain.

The EWN family make my life easy and for that Oak Land Furniture is most grateful to Michel, Steven and all members of the large EWN family.

My advice to any business not advertising in their titles is simple: Just do it.  It will grow your business to the levels you desire.

Adam Hughes
Marketing Director
Oak Land Furniture Spain



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