Lorry drives into Stockholm shop, at least three dead

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Paramedics treat injured on Stockholm street

AT LEAST three people have been killed, and several injured in Stockholm.

A lorry has driven through a shop window on popular pedestrian street Drottninggatan this afternoon (April 7), and some say that shots were heard.

Local media reported one arrest, but Swedish police have said no-one is being held.


Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said everything pointed to an act of terrorism.

As investigations continue and injured are being cared for, local police are touring the streets asking people to keep away from the city centre.


  1. 5 will get you 10 the driver’s not blond & blue eyed.

    President Trump exposed the anarchy in Sweden some weeks ago, only to be criticised by the faux outrage if the posturing, self loathing, politically correct.

    They still don’t understand, you admit vipers into your home & you’ll be bitten & poisoned for your Christian charity.


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