America reverses policy and attacks Syrian government air base

US Dept. of Defense Twitter
Launch of one of the Tomahawk cruise missiles

AMERICAN forces have attacked a Syrian air base as a warning against the use of chemical weapons.

Fifty-nine cruise missiles were launched from two US navy ships against the Shayrat airfield where it is suspected that Syrian government aircraft took off for the rebel town of Khan Sheikhoun loaded with banned nerve agent Sarin.

Reports suggest that at least six people were killed in the attacks and a large number of aircraft were damaged.


This is the first time that America has taken deliberate action against President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime and has already been condemned by the Kremlin as Russia supports the Syrian government.

Immediately following the American missile attack, the price of oil rose to its highest level in a month.

Although Syria is not a large producer of oil, due to its location and relationship with different Middle Eastern states there appeared to be some fear that production, or delivery, could be disrupted if the current conflict escalated.

The markets weren’t particularly affected by the attack as the USA has indicated that this was a ‘one off’ action undertaken as a warning to the Syrian authorities.



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