The gloves will be truly discarded

GIBRALTAR: Maintains a somewhat 'rocky' alliance with the Spanish

I THINK Gibraltar is about to become a huge and potentially highly dangerous issue between Spain and the UK.

Notwithstanding the disputes of its sovereignty, which date back to the 1700’s and beyond, ‘Gib’ has however managed to maintain a somewhat ‘rocky’ alliance with the Spanish, purely because we were both members of the EU.

With this stripped away, the gloves I feel will truly be discarded. As many of you are aware, my respect for most politicians is not exactly glowing.

I consider the majority of them self-serving bubble dwellers, whose naivety is sometimes almost beyond belief. The recent statement by Lord Howard is a case in point.

To announce that he is sure Theresa May will take the same stand against the Spanish as Margaret Thatcher did against The Falklands, is almost unbelievably provocative and inflammatory.

He is actually inferring, that to protect Gibraltar, Britain would be prepared to go to war with the Spanish! Thank God this idiot no longer holds any ministerial position.

He is however able to command an airing of his views to vast numbers of the public and would have most certainly been noted by the Spanish.

His foolish remarks reveal just how out of touch and unaware he is of the Spaniards’ passionate attitude to Gibraltarian sovereignty.

I truly believe that should the situation be allowed to disintegrate into some form of confrontation, we could all be in trouble.

I have been here long enough to remember Brits being spat on in the streets following the Falklands war, and that was with Argentina!

Gibraltar is far closer to home both in proximity and spirit. Just how this whole sorry situation will pan out I have no idea.

I envisage border situations of alarming proportions with possible siege conditions arising.

The one thing I am sure about is that any troop deployment would be highly irresponsible and could lead to a dispute that could endanger us all.

Let us all hope that the leaders of both our countries have more sense than the ilk of former MP Howard but don’t hold yer breath!

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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  1. I doubt very much it will come to much ,being as the Gibraltarians voted over whelmingly to remain a part of the EU
    may herself has said the government would respect their wishes and the Spanish have offered a deal of duel sovereignty.
    so it looks like the very sovereignty the UK voted to take control of is about to be eroded
    next on the agenda northern Ireland joining the south

  2. We have to remember that Spain can’t really complain about the UK owning Gibraltar all the time they own Ceuta on the opposite side of the Straits of Gibraltar and also Melilla just along the coast from Ceuta.
    Lord Howard is another good reason to dump the House of Lords, especially as I read in the last week that they turn up, sign in and claim their £300 per day and then walk out again and do a speech at some big company for £10,000.

  3. I only wish some people would talk less from misguided ideas and more from facts
    with regard to the people of Gib , they voted overwhelmingly to remain part of the UK and democracy and therefor will still be part of the UK after Brexit
    And as for Northern Ireland , I have lived there for a number of years and the idea of them joining the south is as remote as h rowlands getting his (or hers for that matter ) facts right !
    I am pretty sure that somehow the politicians will get the situation sorted , maybe more by luck then design , and I just hope sanity will prevail , in Gib and N.I. God help us all from such dangerous people like those in the house of Lords !!!


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