Major drug ring broken up after two year investigation

National Police
Breaking open the bricks

AFTER a two year investigation, officers of the National Police have arrested 25 people and recovered half a ton of cocaine, 20 vehicles and €200,000 in a number of raids around Spain.

Having satisfied themselves that an operation was importing massive amounts of cocaine into Spain from Colombia and Mexico, officers were alerted to the movement of a number of senior members of the gang within Spain and undertook coordinated raids on 28 properties in different parts of the country including Alicante.

In Madrid, they discovered, sitting in a warehouse, a huge volume of hollow bricks and using drills and sledge hammers broke them open and discovered the cocaine stored inside.

After the arrests, officers were able to verify that this gang was connected to the 62 kilos of cocaine which appeared last January on the beaches of Denia and Xabia which they now know came from a failed attempt to transport the drugs from a merchant ship onto a target beach whilst attached to floating drums.


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