British Government cements friendships around the world

British Embassy Manila
Dr Fox and President Duterte

AS Theresa May travels to Saudi Arabia in search of military sales and general friendship as part of the Global Britain initiative, so Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox was in the Philippines meeting Rodrigo ‘the punisher’ Duterte.

Mrs May showed her strength of character by not wearing a headscarf during her visit, but didn’t make any comment on the Saudi involvement in the war in Yemen, perhaps as many of the weapons used are British.

Mr Fox however did allegedly suggest that President Duterte needs to consider human rights and corruption if the two countries are to work together, especially as Duterte has boasted of personally killing suspects of drug use and drug dealing.


There is however some consternation in political circles that Dr Fox wrote an article for local publication which according to The Guardian newspaper stated that the two countries had “a foundation of shared values and shared interests.”

From the Philippines, the Secretary of State moves on to other potential customers, Malaysia and Indonesia.


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