Another Spanish naval incursion in Gibraltar waters

MOD PO(Phot) Si Ethell
HMS Scimitar in Gibraltar waters

AS Spain does not recognise that the waters around Gibraltar as being ‘British Gibraltar Territorial Waters,’ there are regular incursions by both official and unofficial vessels which regularly result in formal complaints from the Governor.

Due to the brouhaha arising from the recent news about Gibraltar, Brexit and war, much has been made in the international press of the fact that the Spanish corvette the Infanta Cristina which has recently returned from service in the Gulf of Aden entered Gibraltar waters.

In a David v Goliath encounter, the 16 metre HMS Scimitar approached the 89 metre Infanta Cristina and warned it to move out of Gibraltar waters which it did without further ado.

Normally, the Ministry of Defence would respond to any question about such incursions, but so sensitive is the matter considered by the British Government that it was passed to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to issue a statement saying “The Royal Navy challenges all unlawful maritime incursions into British Gibraltar territorial waters – and did so again on this occasion.”


  1. The Gibraltan armed forces must get proactive on these provocations, the Spaniards are a nation of bullies and anything less will be taken as a sign of weakness.

  2. david harris,
    No tenéis aguas territoriales por el tratado de Utrech!
    Sois todos unos piratas, no merecéis ni mención en los libros de historia, con vuestro BREXIT haber quien os ampara


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