New ‘more secure’ €50 bank notes enter circulation


THE European Central Bank (ECB) has released a new version of the €50 bank note with more security measures that will help prevent counterfeiting.

The new bank note that comes into circulation on 4 April is a slightly different colour and has been manufactured on a firmer and more resistant paper and incorporates a hologram. And when you turn it, the silver band on the right shows the value of the ticket and the euro symbol (€).

It is very easy to check a real euro bank note by using the simple FEEL, LOOK and TILT method. 

A special printing process gives the banknotes their unique FEEL.

LOOK at the banknote against the light. The portrait window and watermark as well as the security thread become visible.

TILT the banknote. The silvery stripe reveals a portrait of Europa in a transparent window and the emerald number displays an effect of the light that moves up and down.

The new design, designed by the German Reinhold Gerstetter, follows the line of new 5, 10 and 20 euro banknotes that have been introduced over the last three years.

In addition, the new bank note includes countries that have joined the European Union since 2002.

And the acronym of the issuer, the ECB, appears in nine linguistic variants, instead of the initial five.

The €50 is the most used bank note in the euro zone, where there are more than 8,000 million, which represents 45% of the total bank notes in circulation.


  1. WALOB – Anything that is printed as much as the euro / pound or dollar has been is counterfeit, just what on earth are these idiots talking about. If there was no money there wouldnt be any problems in this world. iTS ALL COUNTERFEIT!!!!!


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