Huge haul of drugs discovered in Alicante Province

Guardia Civil
Some of the haul

A TOTAL of 13 people (11 Spaniards, one Moroccan and one Russian) have been arrested by the Guardia Civil after it was discovered that they were involved in the cultivation of cannabis and the sale of cocaine.

Officers first became aware of the activities of a well-known drug dealer in the town of Alpera in Albacete, who appeared to be selling quite large volumes of high quality cocaine to local individuals and they established that his ‘gang’ consisted of several members of his family.

After keeping a watchful eye on the dealer, he was followed to Villena in Alicante where he was purchasing cocaine as well as marihuana from three individuals with whom he had a close relationship and then selling it in his home town.

Whilst the officers kept the expanding ring under surveillance, they became aware of a third location, this time a warehouse in the Cañada area of Alicante and they then decided that it was time to put a stop to this business.

After arresting three of the gang on the A7 motorway, they seized €60,000 in cash and at the warehouse, which was illegally connected to external electric lines, they discovered a plantation containing 54,000 grams of cannabis which they discovered was mainly due for export to Holland and Italy using foreign registered vehicles with secret compartments.

As the raids continued, taking in 13 properties in all, the total haul amounted to 469 grams of high purity cocaine, 496 marihuana plants, 1,501 grams of amphetamines, one 9mm pistol and ammunition, €105,738, five cars used for the transport of the drugs, computers and mobile phones.


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