Spanish Civil War armoury discovered in convent

Mossos d'Esquadra
A chest full of ammunition

A CACHE of weapons and explosives dating back to the Spanish Civil War have been found in the ceiling of the Convent of Santa Teresa de Vic as workmen undertaking renovation works discovered a secret room.

A wing of the convent, which is near Osona in Catalonia, had to be evacuated before specialists from Tedax could start the removal of 30 kilograms of dynamite, 26 hand grenades, 290 detonators, two rifles, 16.5 kilograms of powder, 2,232 rifle cartridges and 12 metres  of fuse.

In 1936, the convent was occupied by anarchists of the CNT-FDI and then by 1939, it had become a store for military equipment for the Nationalist Army of Franco, then a barracks for the Guardia Civil before being returned to the Carmelite order.


All of the ordnance was safely removed and taken to Osona where the explosives were destroyed in a controlled detonation.


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