Gang of four broken up by National Police in Valencia

National Police
A mask and gun retrieved from the raids

A GANG of four including a Bulgarian and his wife have been arrested by the National Police for allegedly committing at least 19 burglaries in Pamplona, Valencia and Zaragoza, stealing mainly cash and jewellery.

The leader of the gang paid one individual €1,000 per week to walk around different cities early in the morning in order to identify potential properties which they could break into later, which they did on a regular basis, forcing locks or using skeleton keys.

The gang kept the stolen property as well as the ‘tools of their trade’ in separate storage rooms and the leader of the gang regularly removed jewellery from storage to sell to a contact in Madrid and he was en route to make a further sale when he was arrested in Valencia while his wife and two accomplices were arrested soon after.

When police searched the storage rooms they discovered cash, jewellery, masks, lock picking equipment and other tools as well as a firearm which was known to have been stolen from the home of a member of the armed forces.


  1. There are so many crimes committed by people from other member countries across the EU that it is time to fix laws so that anybody convicted has to serve his or her sentence in their own country and be denied the right to return for 5 or 10 years depending on the nature of the crime. Why should Spain, in this and other cases, be obliged to house thousands of foreign criminals at a great cost to the state.

  2. I agree peterfieldman. Wonder how many British expats though, are paying black market cash for services with no questions asked, and not declaring everything to the Spanish taxman. Or does that not count as theft because they think it’s so-called ‘victim-less crime’?


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