Let me just spell it out for you!

TERRORIST ATROCITY: The real reasons for this attack may never be known

IS it not unbelievable, that, in the light of the recent Westminster terrorist atrocity, the authorities issue a statement informing us that ‘the real reasons for this attack may never be known’!?

Despite all the evidence and facts surrounding this horrendous occurrence, our limp-wristed leaders are still in denial as to the motives and allegiances of this murdering scum. Well let me just spell it out.

The individual that committed this act was a moronic extremist psychopath. A follower of Daesh, he used their twisted interpretation of the Koran to suit his own evil ends and used it as an excuse to make his ultimate mission in life the murder of as many of the ‘infidels’ as possible.

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Brainwashed by evil corrupted doctrine he believed that that he would subsequently be welcomed in paradise as a true hero and, among many other rewards, be presented with 72 virgins who would be enslaved to comply with his every twisted fantasy for all eternity.

Some of his fellow numbskull compatriots have even been known to strap armour around their nether regions to protect their privates from the blast of the suicide bomb!

These are the reasons this lethal maniac carried out this attack, and there are thousands more goat grabbing gnat brains out there waiting to step into his shoes.

Until those in authority accept that this evil satanic corruption of Islam is at the root of all the death and destruction of innocent citizens its followers will continue to flourish.

It’s time the moderate Imams stood up and convinced their brethren there is room for all and that those who believe in different routes along the path of life will never be eliminated by the fear of physical destruction.

This primitive interpretation is the reason Jihad has never prevailed for some 1,500 years. And as a final warning to those who wish us harm, make no mistake. More evil and dangerous individuals than you have discovered that there are limits and when the worm decides to turn the vengeance of the infidels will be terrible indeed!

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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  1. Just a thought… what do the female of the species receive when they enter the gates of paradise?
    Are there 35 big hunky men awaiting their every wish.? I say 35 because it is reputed that they are half the value of men.
    Do the washing up,! clean the kitchen,! put more shelves up,! mow the lawn,! weed the garden.! etc.etc.
    How silly of me… as if the females would be allowed in to such a masculine club. Unless they died as virgins of course.
    The more people that see through this mask of masculine control the sooner we might have some peace on earth.
    I saw a devout Muslim on TV some time back, explaining how paradise had rivers flowing with wine.
    One of the gathering reminded him that alcohol was not permitted. Without hesitation, he replied..
    ” Ah it is alcohol free wine ” All religion is man made for the benefit of the strong men to remain in control.
    We all know that women are just as capable as men in most things, and even better in some. That is why these control freaks don’t want to give women the chance of proving it, in case they lose their control.

    There are evil men and WOMEN all over the world needlessly killing and torturing children for instance.
    Radical Muslims are just the flavour of the decade. We do not have to concentrate on their crime alone.
    Let’s get our own house in order before we complain about others.
    Roy Leon

  2. In my view it is time for the United Nations to step in and and end this war of atrocity. So far they have done nothing and they forget why the UN was formed – to ensure world peace which is Article 1 of their mandate.
    Literally thousands of ISIS followers have entered Europe in the name of being refugees, and the governments have done nothing to weed them out. They should be found and returned to the hellhole that is Iraq. It is quite noticeable that three-quarters of the refugees that have entered Europe in the past two years have been young men without families. This fact alone should have been enough for the governments, especially Germany, to be suspicious.
    Personally I would like to see them all returned from whence they came and we should let the other Arab countries take care of them. The sad thing is that countries like Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and others have done absolutely nothing to help these people.

  3. I agree 110% with all that Roy has said…. But stand in UK & say it or write it and you are automatically called Racist
    Racist is a word banded about now to cover anyone (Except English) Someone on here last week called Lee a Racist for having a go at Scotland.. CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!! So np More Taffy or Jock or Geordie & Scouse etc.. Had a Mate arrested & let off with a Caution for saying a Gypo had just driven into his car with lorry of scrap.. Police did not say what correct name is ??? Suppose it is Travellers
    But we will never sort out this mess all the time we have do-goaders protecting them & not us or their own European country


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