Man kicked to death in street brawl in Jalon


POLICE are searching for three young men, two of them minors, after a 24-year-old was kicked to death in Jalon.

Alejandro Pavia, from Villalonga in Safor, was killed when a fight broke out between himself, his friends, and the trio outside a well-known pub on Sunday night.

According to witnesses, the six youngsters began to push and shove one another, but the three accused began to punch and kick violently until the victim and his friends were left on the ground. Unable to get up, he received a final, fatal kick to the head.

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The attackers then climbed into a car and fled the scene. As the Euro Weekly News went to press, Guardia Civil investigators announced that they have already identified them with the help of CCTV footage from the pub, and that all three reside in Benissa.

The pub owner told police that the establishment had already been closed for 40 minutes when the fight broke out. The alarm was raised when some straggling revellers saw Alejandro dying on the ground, and the owner then ran to assist the young man helped by a girl who had recently taken a first aid course. Despite their best efforts to save Pavia, however, his pulse had stopped by the time ambulances arrived.

The mayor of La Safor, Enric Llorca, has announced that there will be a three day mourning period for the loss. He has extended his deepest condolences to Pavia´s friends and family.

Officials are now working with the authorities to establish a concrete timeline of what transpired on Sunday night (March 26).


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