Large turnout of Muslim Youth to mourn the deaths on Westminster Bridge

AMYA UK‏ @UKMuslimYouth
United in sorrow on Westminster Bridge

MANY commentators have spent a great deal of time demanding to know why Muslims haven’t stood up to condemn terrorist actions and in some cases, although they have, they haven’t received the sort of press coverage they should.

One week after the deaths on Westminster Bridge however large numbers of people from a range of religious beliefs stood side by side on the bridge to mourn the deaths and injuries as well as show their opposition to any form of violence.

Certainly large numbers of young Muslims stood in solidarity with grieving members of the Metropolitan Police Force and tweeted such observations as “Some say British Muslims don’t publicly denounce extremism. Actually, @UKMuslimYouth has been (loudly) since 1938 in cities across the UK.” and “Loyalty to our country is an important part of our faith as Muslims.”

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Similar events took place in cities all over Britain and promoted the concept “Love for all, hatred for none” so perhaps these actions will go some way to persuading those who think that all Muslims are terrorists to think again.


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