Upset with Brexit, perhaps a move to Sweden might be a good idea

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Opening the pores in the sauna

A SMALL piece has appeared in the Guardian newspaper – which may or may not have been issued by the Swedish Tourist Board – revealing that Swedish national TV recently ran a story saying 1,100 Brits had applied for Swedish nationality.

The suggestion being that these individuals wanted to leave Britain because of the Brexit vote and the article suggests that Sweden is an ideal place to live as house prices are relatively low, there is more space than people and there is a definite need for qualified workers.

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To add to this it is suggested that Swedish being a Germanic language like English is relatively easy to learn även om det kanske inte verkar så när man tittar på den svenska alfabetet (although it might not seem so when you look at the Swedish alphabet).

Summers are warm but it can get a bit colder than the UK in the winter however you can always warm yourself up in the sauna after a roll in the snow.


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