The Costa del Sol welcomes you

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Puerto Banus

MENTION Spanish property to a number of British people and it is more than likely that they will quote names from the Costa del Sol.

The British certainly fell in love with Spain with the advent of the first package tours and have been visiting first as tourists and then many have moved over to live in what they consider to be a better place.

Within the province of Malaga, running from Malaga City, along the coast all the way to Sotogrande (technically in Cadiz) and then inland to take in the mountains and forests there is a huge range of property.

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Construction which was fuelled by the number of British visitors wanting a second property or simply a new place to live has had some hiccups over the past few years but there is now a lot of new property being built.

It is impracticable to mention all of the communities in the Costa del Sol but it is almost impossible to travel anywhere in the area without hearing English which became the second language of the area and is now being taught in many bilingual state schools.

The British came first but the area is now very cosmopolitan with visitors from a number of countries in northern Europe discovered the charms of the area, purchasing their own properties.

But it’s not just foreigners who find the area so attractive as Easter and Summer see a number of still affluent Spaniards from Madrid descend on the Costa in general but Marbella in particular to enjoy their holidays by the sea and nowadays a large number of Gibraltarians have taken advantage of what had been a strong pound to purchase second homes in Spain.

The market did suffer from the recession, with a number of new builds stalling but even following the Brexit result, property new and old does still sell and there is also a thriving rental market both short term (despite the new tougher laws) and long term.

One sign of a strong market is the number of estate agents who are in business and it is fair to say that there are considerably more opening than closing as this is an area that offers incredible recreational opportunities such as golf and water sports together with great bars and restaurants of all types.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new build or an older property, an apartment or finca, townhouse or villa then the choice of property and location is enormous and you probably and to spend a little time touring around the area to decide on a target be it inland or on the coast.

Once you have decided on an area then you can be assured that there will be plenty of estate agents ready to help.



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