Dog-fighting ring toppled in Malaga

Guardia Civil
Some of the dogs which were trained to be combative.

FOUR people have been arrested in Malaga on suspicion of arranging illegal dog fights involving dangerous breeds.

A statement from the Guardia Civil’s nature protection agency, SEPRONA, said that the quartet used specialised equipment and methods in order to make the animals more aggressive.

The investigation has been open since August 2016, when detectives received a number of videos depicting the fights from a team working on a child pornography case.

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Several apparently show injured dogs, some bleeding heavily, with the fights taking place at the home of one of the arrestees.

A makeshift ring was constructed and a ‘referee’ employed, while loud music was used to drown the sound of the bloodshed.

The statement also confirmed that no veterinary assistance was sought, with the animals simply hosed down with water after each bout.

According to detectives, the fights took place regularly between 2011 and 2017, while some of those arrested also raised and sold puppies of potentially dangerous dog breeds without obtaining the required documentation.


  1. The dogs are not dangerous or aggressive, HUMANS are! Humans make them fight, for their own personal gain. It is sick to do this to any animal. Don’t blame the breed, blame the deed.


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