Fake WhatsApp message spreads following Westminster attack

Policia Nacional
Part of the message sent

A MESSAGE spreading on the instant messaging application WhatsApp claiming Spain’s Terror Alert level had been raised following the Westminster attack is fake according to authorities.

The message claimed National Police increased their presence all over the country and raised the Terror Alert level to five, meaning an attack is imminent, and asked people to share the information.

The National Police Twitter page said : “One or a thousand times. As many as it takes. This #rumour is still circulating every time there is an attack… and today even more so. It’s FAKE #STOPRumours.”


To further disprove the message Spain’s Home Office posted the current Terror Alert level on social media along with a link to current level of the alert (https://goo.gl/ycdNpm).

 A government spokesperson said “if we raised the alert level, there would be press conferences, along with statements from the current Prime Minister to inform the public.” 


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